How To Benefits From Diesel Tuning?
There are many ways to enjoy small gains in performance from a turbocharged diesel engine. Replacing air filters, checking the most appropriate oil and diesel that you use, and even changing your tires may give you a little extra performance boost and make driving more enjoyable. However, diesel tuning can give you up to 30% gains or more in your BHP and torque figures, making it an ideal way to unlock the potential in your car.
ECU - Modern vehicles utilize an ECU in order to first monitor and then determines factors like throttle position and crank position. It also determines the fuel mix and the turbo pressure, which means that it is a hugely important component of your vehicle. When you buy a turbocharged diesel it will typically come with a standard, off the shelf software map included that determines these values.
Manufacturers’ Settings - Manufacturers use a single solution for all vehicles of the same model and even, in some cases, of slightly different models. This means that your ECU has been designed so that it is effective for millions of people driving in very different circumstances. Different variants of fuel, different climatic driving conditions, and different driving styles all have to be taken into consideration with an off the shelf solution. However, diesel tuning allows you to free your vehicle from these restraints.
Benefits - Diesel tuning will afford your turbocharged diesel engine as much as 50% increase in power and torque, with 30% gains being typical. Engine response is greatly improved throughout the gears and the rev range. Turbocharged diesels already provide a lot of torque and following skilled diesel tuning and the remapping of the ECU, these figures are improved even more so that you can enjoy vastly improved driving figures.
ECM Tuning - You can unlock the true potential of your vehicle through diesel tuning. The ECU is mapped to your specific requirements and not to accommodate every driver that buys the same model of car. Enjoy massive gains in power and torque while improving the feel of the engine and the smoothness of the drive. You may even experience a reduction in fuel consumption too.
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